Finding second hand Kent and Masters saddles is easier through Discount Saddles Online. The brand is respected, has a good range and combines experience with technology, and we can help you find your next perfect saddle.

Discount Saddles Online ensure that all the products we sell are high quality, in good condition and great value for money, giving you peace of mind in your purchase. Kent & Masters saddlemakers understands that there are no equines with the same needs and accommodate for this in their products.

We have new ‘used’ products coming in all the time, and the quality of the saddles we sell is something that you can be assured of. We know the importance of good riding tack and understand that getting the right saddle is an important decision and will have a positive influence on your riding.

Kent & Masters saddles are hand crafted and manufactured using traditional techniques. Each saddle is given a great deal of care to ensure the final products is aesthetically pleasing and the best fit for you and your horse. Combining this with scientific research and testing means that a Kent & Masters saddle has both traditional and modern elements in its construction, allowing even the trickiest conformation to be accounted for.

With a good range of products, Kent & Masters has a saddle for all manner of equestrian activities. The range includes:


These beautiful saddles come in two main categories of Original and the S Series. With an option of a movable block, this will allow you the flexibility for your requirements. Each saddle has an option of a high wither horse, standard wither and low profile if your horse needs it.

General Purpose

Saddles with a high level of versatility, the GP saddles have different options which will account for the width of the rider hips, as well as allowing for more room in the seat if necessary. There is a compact version for smaller riders on a small horse or large pony.  The cut is forward enough on the GP saddles to account for a jump leg position and comfort in flatwork. Again, all the GP saddles include options for high, standard and low wither.


Perfect for jumping and cross country, the S Series jump saddles have movable blocks for your comfort. With forward cut flaps, these saddles will support the leg in the shorter jumping position.


Kent & Masters has a good range of saddles for pony including jump, Pony Club and Pony Club Long Leg. These saddles are ideal for junior riders and help encourage an independent seat as the child grows.

At Discount Saddles Online we have an incoming supply of second-hand Kent & Masters Saddles all the time. If you are looking for something specific, we can try and source your perfect new ‘used’ saddle.

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Trial Process

All of our saddles are available to buy and try, even the nearly new ones. Only the brand new saddles are not available to trial. Discover here the full trial process, step by step.


Saddle Fitting Advice

We strongly advise that the trial of any saddles that you purchase from us is arranged to coincide with being able to have them checked by a Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter.


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