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About Our Saddles

On our website you will find 4 categories of saddles;

Second Hand

These saddles have been pre owned and so have been used.  Dependant on age and level of usage each saddle will be in a different condition.  The condition of each second hand saddle will be clearly described, we will also try and highlight any obvious marks or damage.

Whilst the original size of the saddle will be provided, the fit of a second hand saddle can vary due to being used on various horses.

Ex Demo

These are saddles that have never been owned, but they will have been used as a demonstrator and trialled on horses and show signs of this. 

The condition will vary between saddles but this will be described for each saddle.

Nearly New

These saddles include current models and some previous older models, they may have been sat in and possibly put on a horse and girthed up to check a fit, but will show minimal signs of wear and tear.

Sometimes due to storage there may be some discolouration of leather of scuffs or scratches.

Brand New – Yes New!

These are brand new saddles, but older stock – these may include older or previous models of current saddles, or discontinued models.  As they have never been tried these saddles are excluded from the 3 day trial option and can not be trialled.  They have a different returns policy.  (Please see Returns section for full details)

Get In Touch

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